The paleo/keto diets and Vegetarian/Vegan Diets can appear to be on polar opposite sides of the spectrum. It is often easier to pick a team and join in on a fad as they emerge, but are you actually reading into the science behind them? Are you able to discern and find the common denominators and know what is right for your body?

Paleo is short for Paleolithic and basically the diet is intended to mimic what our ancestors were eating before the advent of modern agriculture about 10,000 years ago. This means that it is what hunter/gatherer communities would have been eating, greens, herbs, seeds, berries, eggs, and meat more or less.

The vegetarian/vegan diet advocates for the welfare of animals. From a spiritual/energetic perspective it is believed that there is a “death signature” which means that you are taking on the suffering, & fear that the animal experienced by eating its flesh. Another aspect of this is that through bioaccumulation, any pesticides, herbicides, or toxins that that animal may have been exposed to will be in a greater concentration and expose you to a greater potential for a higher dose of the good stuff.

Here’s the thing. Depending on what your intentions are, there is a massive gray area that can be hard to figure out where you fall into.. Both diets have shown to have very positive effects with major diseases like cancer. There are religious followers of both protocols that swear that it was what changed their life around and have better physical health than ever before. If improving your health is what you are after, then you need to consider what the common denominators are and figure out what makes good practical sense to you. You can be a Vegan and survive off of processed soy, imitation meats, soda, and potato chips. You can be keto and eat nothing but highly processed low grade meat and a few token vegetables. Is either of these regimens going to be healthy and support your body?

If looked at through the lens of overall health and wellness and letting go of the dogma and religiosity of the diets, both advocate for the elimination of dairy products, both diets advocate for a high amount of vegetables and seeds and good healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil. Some modern studies may say that too much saturated fat is no good and using an alternative like canola oil is better for your heart, I say use your own intuition and judgement and consider eating real food, as close to nature as intended, and use good ole’ common horse sense. 80% of this stuff are things that you already know, deep fried food probably isn’t good for your health, wonder bread might not actually build a strong body in 12 ways, wheaties might not actually be the breakfast of champions..

Work on washing your brain clean of all of the propaganda and nonsense that marketers infiltrated into our minds and make a decision from a place of knowledge and understanding on what your body really needs and what makes you feel at your best. And buying Local, organic, and wild harvested food might be a good idea as well.